The Hurricane Drift

Pamela Lane – The Hurricane Drift

A Category 5 hurricane heads for the UK….

When Hurricane Phoebe crashes into Daytona beach in Florida, nobody could have guessed that her next landfall would be the gentle south west coast of England. British meteorologist, Alex Weston, monitors the situation with a purely professional interest, until, that is, he realizes that an old friend and climatologist, Jeff Gater, had been caught in the biggest storm of the season, together with his colleague Robert Gill, an experienced storm-chaser. The year is 2024, and set against a background of increasing climate chaos and political unease, both Weston and Gater realize that all the conditions are in place for Hurricane Phoebe to do the unthinkable and head, still as a fully-fledged hurricane, for a totally unprepared UK.

Then his wife, an investigative reporter for the London TV station CitiNews, helps to uncover, after two suspicious deaths, a secret government environmental scheme which threatens to send the situation out of control. But will anyone heed their warnings? Needing the back-up of his American colleagues before he can alert the public to the impending danger heading towards them from across the Atlantic, this is the one forecast Weston has to get right.


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