Ice Rift

Pamela Lane – Ice Rift

When a series of earthquakes spreads through the Arctic and northern Europe, Inuit hunters bring back rumours from Greenland’s interior of a massive rupture in the ice sheet. Zoe Carter, a scientist specialising in abrupt climate change, suspects that something is seriously wrong. Then Zoe, her husband Oliver and her colleague, Amy James, chance upon the giant rift for themselves whilst flying over it with visiting photographer, Lawrence Hewitt. Staggered by the rift’s size, they fear that it could be the factor that pushes an already fragile climate system over the tipping point and into disaster.

But what is causing the ice to fracture in the first place?
Dubbed the Atlantis Rift because of its power to destroy a civilisation, the evidence points to the stirrings of an ancient volcano they call Ningakpok. The seeping lava is destroying the ice sheet, and if the melting ice collapses into the boiling caldera, then an eruption could take place with force not seen in historical times, blowing the rift apart and cascading land ice towards the sea, causing gigantic tidal waves and flooding to the coasts of northern Europe. If they cannot stop the lava flow, abrupt climate change could be here sooner than anyone thought. It could be right here, right now.


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