Category Six

Pamela Lane – Category Six

Another hot summer grips the UK. Floods, droughts and wild weather mark the end of the benign Holocene period where human civilization prospered. The climate emergency has arrived sooner than anyone could have predicted. Crops fail and food riots rip apart the social order. Then, Ava Cooper, a climate scientist working on the British PISCES project, warns that record deep-sea temperatures in the Gulf will push hurricanes into a whole new category. Suspicions grow when her partner, Jack Purley, gets involved with an investment scheme that turns out to be an escape plan for the elite. Six massive ships, the Black Hulks, are secret islands of luxury and privilege in a world of eco-catastrophe. The planet is in crisis. Superstorms patrol the seas, causing terror to coastal communities and shipping. All the signs are there that the climate has entered a new and terrifying phase. Ava predicts that Hurricane Petros will hit Galveston as a Category Six.

The new age of superstorms has arrived…


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