The Storegga Wave

Eight thousand years ago, an undersea cliff slid into the Arctic Ocean, sending a terrifying tsunami hurtling into the British coastline, inundating the land from Northumberland to the Shetland Isles. It was called the Storegga Slide.

Dr Anna Lomax, an ecologist, working in the Arctic, sees that the permafrost is melting. The northern seas are warming and methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, is waiting to explode from the seabed, tipping the climate crisis out of control.

When Anna’s colleague, Georgia Fielding, obsessed with the Storegga Slide, warns that history is about to repeat itself, and another wave is imminent, Anna’s not convinced – until she realises that her two grown-up children are at a music festival – on the Scottish coast…

Could it happen again?

Thousands are about to find out…
BBC Radio Somerset, Local Author Feature – Pamela Lane (20/02/23)


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